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New tek saddles and updates for useless creatures


New tek saddles and updates for useless creatures

I think that we should get new tek saddles or new tek creatures. A tek saddle for the giga would be cool, or saddle for wyverns. Also, I feel like the diplodocus should do damage, it's completely a waste of time taming it if it can't do damage. The moth really needs an update, maybe it can deal torpor damage or have another attack where it can actually deal damage? Wyvern should be breedable, I love wyverns but it's a pain going into the trench every time you want a wyv, they should also be able to glide. What do you think?

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I have no issue with the addition of some new tek creatures and/or saddles for those that exist. They started the trend and may as well add to it. 

Nor do I have an issue with the diplo having some sort of way to either defend itself, or at the very least, feed itself. 

The moth as well, should have some way to help it stay alive. 

The Wyvern discussion though, is one that many have been over- time and time again. There are those that believe it should not be bred as it is an end level creature, because it is a mythical creature, or because doing so would allow for it to be too overpowered - if it isn't already considered so. And that is just a handful of reasons against breeding them. Which is understandable- to a point. 

I however, would be alright with it being set so that we may do so, via a check box of some sort in the server setup menus, so that unofficial servers may choose whether or not they wish to breed them for themselves rather than being held back by the Official constraints that we are. I am speaking from an xbox players perspective. I know that there is most likely a PC mod or two that can be used to breed the creatures, however that does not help those who do not play on PC.

My vote would actually be to add that checkbox, that would by doing so drop the Wyvern level to be comparative to others on the map - no more jump in levels as they have, and let the people breed them to be the beasts that they wish. As an added difficult factor, I would not mind there being a specific way in which to breed them that sets them apart from other creatures. Such as extended period between eggs dropped, a certain temperature required to breed them, a new resource that has to be found, and/or crafted and fed to them to enable their breeding, or something with a time constraint, such as they will only drop an egg at midnight/midday. 

Those are just my thoughts however. 😁


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