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Quality Of Life Suggestions


Quality Of Life Suggestions

Hello I have a few suggestions I think could be really handy.

[Fuel Slot] - If something takes fuel to run, there should be a separate item slot for it's type of fuel, so that transferring all items will not remove the item in the fuel slot.
(Example) - A fabricator has a spare slot you can add gasoline in to and when a player transfers all from the fabricators inventory, it will not remove the gasoline.

[Ammo] - If your weapon is loaded with a type of ammunition, that ammunition type will not transfer all.
(Example) - My crossbow has Tranq Arrows  inserted, so when I transfer my entire inventory to something else, tranq arrows will not transfer.

[Tame Journal] - An option to log your tames stats after it has been tamed and a tab in your inventory for accessing that tame information.
(Example) - Hold "E" and select "Options" on your tame, inside it will say "Save Tame Information". Selecting this saves your tames stats and info into the Tame Journal.

[Tribe List] - Some type of inventory tab where players can have lists they can edit.
(Example) - A list for priorities or notes, to keep all members on the same page.

[Take All Of] - An inventory setting to take all of a specific item.
(Example) - Inside an inventory select a resource, for example Hide, in the following drop down menu there is an option to "Take all Hide".

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