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pve Banilla Evolved - Vanilla w/Sprinkles Server Cluster - PC

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Banilla Evolved - Vanilla w/Sprinkles Server Cluster

Server is open!!

🦖Come join our adventure on a vanilla with sprinkles Ark! We have all sorts of new creatures, balanced for vanilla to discover, tame and more! We start this adventure on the Island, then after some time, we will open up Rag, Abberation and Extinction for character transfer(Item and Dino transfer will become available after Gamma and Beta bosses are completed)! But beware, the difficulty has been set to 10, so many of your worst fears have now been boosted to 300 max level! All is not so bad though, enjoy our 3x harvest rates and 6x Taming rates! 🦖

Our main mod, Additional Creatures 2: Wild Ark adds many new, vanilla balanced creatures to the Ark for you to discover and tame! Many come with awesome new abilities and uses for you to discover!

Also enjoy our custom drops, including better items for you in each level and the custom creature saddles!

 Help stop the invasion of the PF NPCs! Theyre building bases all over the map, so gather your strongest creatures and allies and get raiding, the rewards that wait will be well worth the battle! 

More awaits back on the island, so what are you waiting for!?!?

Note: This server is set to PvP so that the PF NPCs will work properly, but each new player will be required to join the servers alliance as actual PvP is not allowed for now. Treat this as a PvE server. If you have interest in actual PvP, this probably isn't the place for you, sorry! But if you are a PvE player who has always wanted to enjoy the fun of raids but without all the griefing and hardcore grinding, this is the place for you! 

1x XP
3x Harvest
6x Taming
100x Egg Hatch
50x Mature

Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1852620967 This also contains info on our S+ and Upgrade station GUS.ini settings. Upgrade station has been nerfed to only help with start, as its only able to upgrade to Apprentice. Augments give less as well.

If you have any other questions, or would like to join, please join our discord! https://discord.gg/UyEgSwB


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