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boss Ragnarok bosses PS4

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Ragnarok bosses PS4

Will I be able to beat an alpha Rag boss if after lvling and imprints my Rex's have 50k hp and over 1100 melee. my saddles are only at 50 armor. I was gonna do it with 19 Rex 1 yuty and 5 people total.


I also want to hear recommended HP and melee for the Rag bosses


should I stick to an easier boss difficulty until I get better Rex or would better saddles cover the difficulty.

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Better saddles would definitely help but probably possible with those stats.

We used 30-35k hp, 700+ melee Rex's on Alpha but had 80+ armor saddles. (That's the minimum of what we used)

Is 50 armor a bp? If so, mindwipe and put all points into crafting and you could get up to 70+ armor on some of the saddles.

Biggest damage you'll take is the fire breath which ignores saddle armor, followed by Dragon bite, then Golem hits. With that melee you should chew through the Dragon fast and you can mostly avoid the Golems so if you can't find a better saddle I'd go 18 Rex, 1 Yuty, 1 Daeodon and heal the Rex's after the Dragon is dead, before the Golems pop.

(Kill the Dragon first)

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It's highly recommended to do bosses from easy(Gamma) to normal(Beta) then hard(Alpha), so you will be fully prepared for the next difficulty.

With default settings, a group of max leveled, mutated, better inherited Rex(es) with a Yuty and a Daeodon(Fully stocked with Superior Kibble) as supports should be enough to deal with the boss. Boss DPS creature should have 30k+ health, the rest of the points can be fully invested to melee damage, or a few to movement speed as the Manticore moves quite fast. If you plan to use multiple Daeodons, Rex should then have as less health as possible (~20k, less than 15k will result in certain loss) as the Dragon deals percentage-based damage from its fire breath. Having less health will make its breath less deadly and make your daeodon healing more efficient.

The Dragon must be taken down first, otherwise all of your tames will be "cooked" by its fire breath and ascendant saddles won't save them. In Ragnarok, Dragon takes 300% damage from all source, render its easier to be eliminated than in The Island.

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