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pve Low performance impact for adding furnishings/etc.


Low performance impact for adding furnishings/etc.

Hey gang! Ok so I have been thinking this over for some months and trying to figure out a way this could be done here without impacting game performance.

Right now we have some really great mods for decorating (Ecos comes to mind) but I assume they are not being added for the same reason we don't see a cash store in general- adding all the furnishings we would love to have would impact performance.

We have several games out there already that do a thriving business on selling skins. There is so much potential for it here I am surprised we haven't seen anything yet! Clothing, hair styles- and most of all, FURNITURE!

So- cutting to the chase what about selling instanced 'rooms" for our bases?

So for example in the game world you walk into a base and see a Door or gate set into a base wall. When you enter that gate or door- it sends you to an instanced 'room'....a bare bones themed area- castle chamber, courtyard, torture dungeon, barnyard, mad scientist's lab, tavern, mouldering temple....each of these rooms just sitting beyond the door you place in the 'real world' structure- only this instanced are would remove the items inside from being a performance drain on the game in general.

The player shops 'doorways' on the website. Buys a 'Courtyard Door". They build place it in game...when activated- they or anyone in tribe (tribe settings) can enter the instanced room.

Inside you can place a selection of items- the sky is the limit here- book cases, bathtubs, kitchen sink, potted plants and trees...WHATEVER the designers add to the store that players select.

Obviously- I am not a developer and do not know what the limitations are. But is this a possible idea? I would LOVE to see Ark in it for the long haul and of course that means valid means for paying our developers :)


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