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Anyone interested in raiding a base?

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Anyone interested in raiding a base?

So i kind of took a break from ark since like 2 days ago as it's impossible to find decent/trustworthy and active people in smalltribes and i would appreciate it if any big/alphas tribes are willing to raid a base on abberation

obviously you will get all the loot from raiding it i wont even be there

They have about 120 turrets tek combined with heavies and 20-30 velos + 4-5 reaper kings base is built on cliff platforms

Abberation smalltribes official server

It's server 53 it's an easy raid because they are hardly active on this server because it's not their main tribe

Their main tribe is on 65

Location of the base is like 57-55 their based in a small ass entrance cave on top all the way top. close to the charge nodes bellow em

Now if you wish to also raid their main base it's on server 65 extinction in the city somewhere it's quite huge so you will see it if you fly around

Please note their playing on Official smalltribes.

Abberation53 [This is the easily raidable one built on cliff platforms] obviously they have TONS of dinos in cryopods and tons of stuff to get if you raid them][I recommend raiding them late at night] they are all russians.

Location of 53 is about 57-55 you're gonna have to scout their excat location they are basing all the way on top in a small cave


If you want me to show you their abb base location directly through share screen feel free to add me.

Enjoy the raid :)
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