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Excessive Split Screen Teleportations, Even on XBOX ONE X

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Excessive Split Screen Teleportations, Even on XBOX ONE X

There are a lot areas on the Aberration map (i.e. 63.4, 48.2) where it is almost impossible to play 2 player split screen, due to excessive teleportation back to the primary player. 

We lived with split screen on The Island and then on Scorched Earth, but at least we had a clue when we were getting out of range.   Then we upgraded to an XBOX One X and were overjoyed when we could traverse the SE map without much of a problem (except for going into caves - ok, we could live with that)

But  on Aberration, even on a ONE X, my wife gets teleported constantly in certain places.   This even happens when we are both  walking/riding right next to each other.   

I understand that traversing different zones might cause the other player to be relocated to the primary player, but this is excessive.   Really, can't you load chunks of the map around where the players are?  And with the XBOX ONE X can't you make the play experience better in this area?  Could this be a part of the QOL effort?   I'd like to buy the next DLC and so on, but why bother if I can't navigate this map without being bounced around. 


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