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pvp ARK A New Life" Open world PvP

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ARK A New Life"  Open world PvP

New Concept!! 


Please take a little time to read.
We started this cluster after we (a group of adult friends) traveled along a variety of ark official and unofficial servers.
We decided to run our own servers (no rental). Great connection /ping for players all over the world. Unique in having a balance between PvP and PvE players with open world PvP always allowed.

Now we are trying our best to offer a great and balanced ark experience for all kinds of players on our servers. 

PvE bases are completely secure, PvP tribes are welcome for a challenge and the open world is always PvP on our cluster.

We got unique offline guard systems, PvP save zone pillar for all players/tribes once per map, event admins, increased drop/fishing loot quality, double harvest and tame / breed weekends and a fantastic reward system with weekly special sales to spend your in-game earned points!

You can gain points while playing on our servers / winning events and spend them for loot/dino's.

We are looking for more eager and devoted players to join our community!

Everyone is welcome, from PvE beginners to PvP veterans. 

We have options for you to either be only PvE or/and feel the thrill of PvP

With our new options/settings, it doesn't matter at all how many days our server been up. 

Everyone can build up without being raided at all until YOU choose to go for the thrill of PvP or to stay save forever.

Give it a try and where you see issues or have feedback you can always contact an admin!
We offer a great PvPvE cluster with intentions to wipe as little as possible. 
Admins who listen to suggestions to create a community loved by players.

Quickly join our discord for more info and our rules: https://discord.gg/TzMXvgz

Ragnarok: steam://connect/

Extinction: steam://connect/

Valguero: steam://connect/

The Center: steam://connect/


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Great server with good settings, mods and admins. You can either be PvE with little thrills of open world PvP or just be purely PvP. On this server you atleast have an option to be save with the PvE orp wich is available for every tribe once per map on their cluster. If you are looking for a nice cluster to play on at your own pace with a base that cant be raided at all and also want little thrills of PvP in open world then this cluster is perfect for you. Also pure PvP with x10 boosted hp and turret damage when offline is an option.

There is no other servers with rates and settings like this one. A must try out!

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Great server and admins there when needed. Not every day player as got life out of ARK so don't have to be worried about being wiped. Before trying to survive on official ones where alfas wiping for no reason and trying to run my own server finally found a place to settle. Thank you again Ligone for superfast responses and support top lad. Your Tit XD

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