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Actions vs Griefing on PVE



Actions vs Griefing on PVE

I would like to suggest to disable the damage of corrupted dinos vs structure & dinos inside save areas.

or don't allow them to enter safe areas. 

or a way to stop players from using these methods to undermine decent players. Players loose interest in the game very fast.

Since Extinction came out our tribe has been under sustained harassment from griefers, I send over 20 tickets in 1 week with proof.

this behavior has once again hit our server 467. More bases have been raided this way.

Please take some action against them. it would be much easier to fix it this way, better then having to go after players and bad them. Most of the time we can;t even get proof since they use the 15 minute delay until Offline protection kicks in.

I believe only the dev team can help on this matter.

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36 minutes ago, sssharley said:

Pve kiting

I think its about time wc steps in and does something about the kiting on pve extinction. So many people have lost bases and hundreds of dinos to people kiting corrupted dinos to bases. At the very least make it to where they cant damage metal or something. 

Yes they do but not damaging metal/tek takes away from their unique purpose and you definitely don't want to see how bad the wasteland will get built up if they'd do that.

I've been trying to think of a way but haven't found a great answer. 

Ideas I had;


Shorter ORP time

Turrets fire during ORP countdown

Velo's get 3x corrupted damage buff

Tek turrets do at least normal damage to corrupted

Wild's can't be teleported


Still trying to figure out how to address the actual kiters but nothing fair and solid has formed yet.

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3 hours ago, killerdog26 said:

Hi shoetrax , that are some great ideas hopefully wc wil do that.

Not gonna happen. Other players can't make money then.


This is also my last post ever on this forum. 

Being robbed by players while they have carte blanche doesnt fit in my believe of upholding rules.

Being silenced without 1 official statement while proof is at hand is not a tinfoil on my head. It's dictatorial.

Take care everyone.

I'm out.

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