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Rest in Peace SMO

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When people say how toxic this community is, they're not remotely wrong but there's also an incredible amount of heart in players here too. I'm very sorry to hear he passed away and I think it's a great tribute you're doing for him. We need more people like you in this community that care more for people than pixels. 


Here's a helpful link for the most deadly form of cancer: 



I strongly believe that while memory of an individual is important, it's far more important to help educate those still here on this Earth from avoiding triggers or at least learn the signs of cancer before it gets to the late stages where it's wack-a-mole trying to remove the tumors. Knowing what cancer looks like, knowing how to feel for lumps (most here already touch your private parts so just feel a bit deeper while you're down there..) takes less time than lag on Rag. If an individual cares so little for their own life that you don't have the time, at least think about those around you. It's extremely painful seeing someone die of cancer (I've been there). Take the time to educate yourself. It's the leading cause of death in most Western countries, its NOT a joke. 


Anyways, I'm sure you'll have a huge turnout and again I'm sorry to hear he is gone. 

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