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Question About Creature Damage

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This is not possible.  *Please for the love of god read the above statement*.

A level 1 Alpha Rex has over 17,000 hitpoints.

A Pteranodon's c-spin attack (called the barrel-roll, usually) is its hardest-hitting attack, clocking in at 50 raw damage per 100% melee.  If you had a Pteranodon with 10,000% melee damage, it would hit for 5,000 damage.  With a full imprint, it would hit for 7,800 damage provided you yourself imprinted it.

With a 10,000% melee damage Ptera and a full imprint, you would have to hit even a level 1 Alpha Rex 3 times to kill it with the barrel-roll attack.  With official server settings, once again, this is not possible.

Thank you for your time.

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Doing this to a LEVEL ONE Alpha Rex, would require a melee stat of 26,154% with a barrel roll. As far as I'm aware, the highest possible melee that can be reached on a ptera is 1950%. So yes, this is not normal as it is a minimum of 13.41x stronger than what is possible on standard server settings. 

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