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New player/member Forum Access

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New player/member Forum Access

I am sorry, butyour logic to weed out trolls by requiring people to A) find forums they can interact in, B) a count requirement is absolutely stupid. 


This is akin to saying a person who talks alot must be a good person?  huh?  it is VERY discouraginf ro players who have learned enough about the game to want ot find out more and read posts, trade dinos, etc.  but trading dinos and other things are locked to "veterans"?  Sorry but if i pay for a game, i should have the same access as anyone else. 


As it sits, i would leave game before i chatted enough to make the requirements,.  That stinks because i like the game, getting into it and youll lose me before i do enough board chats to "qualify" as a non troll.  Why? simply because im a new player.

Yeah seems right eh?


Sorry WC, you need to find a new method, this one isnt appropriate.  Veteran players who breed dinos should not be the only ones able to vie wthe forum.


You want to lock down troll chat?  i  can go there with you and agree, post certain amount to be able to post, but to read? and learn? and perhaps go tot hat aserve rand find them to trade?


no, your inhibiting game play and you need ot fix that

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I agree, I understand why they do it, but it seems a bit extreme. I'm not the chatty type, so this sort of thing will take me a lot longer than chatty people to leave. I really only wanted to react to people's responses. Even though basic chatting isn't blocked from new members, people often already said how I felt. Or something similar. So maybe they should rethink their idea of linking reactions to reputation. Just because I find several of a person's posts funny doesn't mean they're trustworthy or anything of the sort. So it's a bit weird to me.

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On 9/24/2019 at 5:58 AM, Lauren42 said:

The social areas don't seem to count towards your post count either :/ 

They do.

It's not a known quantity but may be a quality thing. 

There is no perfect solution to weed out trolls but most trolls are lazy and will give up before they meet requirements.

General Discussion, your platforms Cross Ark Strategizing, and Game Suggestions (as well as map specific General Discussion) are all great places to interact with the community and learn by asking others about game functions.

This will naturally get you to the whatever qualifications they are looking for.

If you're just here for trading, I'll save you time. 

XBox and Playstation rarely are updated.

PC is updated but to be honest, most of the traders operate out of their own discords and you're more likely to find the top stats on FB or Reddit.

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