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pve [PC][PVE] QOL 2x official settings Rag/Island/Extinction/Valguero

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[PC][PVE] QOL 2x official settings Rag/Island/Extinction/Valguero

Welcome to the Quality of Life servers! We host Unofficial servers with official settings set to permanent 2x weekend event, no waiting for the weekend to tame, raise, or harvest! Our very active admins will help prevent pillar spam, trolls, and assist players in quick fashion. We focus on overall quality of life improvements over official servers with the following settings:

* XP is 1x official rate. (However we do run the same XP multiplier weekends and holidays as official ark at the same times).
* 5x Maturation.
* Imprint interval is set to every 6.5 hours 
* Quetzals and other flyers regain stamina in air as long as no one is riding it (Works standing on the platform).
* Gather/Harvest 2x (Ex: you may pick up a stone twice acquiring 2 stone effectively making it 2x harvesting.)
* Fuel run time 2x.
* Tamed creatures eat 25% less food (has no effect on taming).
* Fog has been disabled on all maps.
* Platform Structures have a 25% increased build limit.
* Spoiling 2x timers.
* Crop plot spoiling 2x timers.
* Building Collision disabled.
* Unlimited Mindwipes.
* No server wipes.
* U.S.-based servers with near-constant uptime

The Maps we will be running constantly are Rag, Val, island and extinction. 

We wish to be as close to vanilla as possible, so mods are kept on the very low to not at all.

  • Valguero Map and Dino extension
  • Structure Plus (not all features)
  • Rare Sightings
  • Bitou2k's Binocular

For more information, please join us at https://discord.gg/6jbvvKB and we will happily answer any questions you may have!

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