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pvp [ARKADE] PvP 9-map | PvE Survival 10-map | PvE Legacy 15-map

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[ARKADE] PvP 9-map | PvE Survival 10-map | PvE Legacy 15-map 

With 30+ maps, 20 powerful dedicated servers, 8500+ member Discord, weekly Fireside chat where admins work with community, 24/7 support, and continual refinement of our settings/mods as Ark evolves, ARKADE is here to bring you - Survival Perfected! We offer 3 clusters, so you'll be able to find your perfect home!

Now is your chance to bring yourself and your team to see what ARKADE is all about!


ARKADE.online website
Discord - Active 8k member community

Both PvP and PvE Clusters - Make the most out of Ark by traveling to ALL official maps, DeathMatch, and our awesome Event map! Hit up Island to do a Note run, get all your Steam achievements, and ascend your character through all Ark bosses to reach a maximum level of 135. Our pvp cluster is continually tweaked for the optimal pvp experience, while our rapidly growing pve clusters offer 18 maps, all the officials, plus the hottest custom maps, with servers based in both NA and EU for optimal ping wherever you are!

PvP 9-map Cluster - Season 13 - 7/03/2020

PvP Mods

✦ Crystal Isles

PvE Survival - 10 map cluster

PvE Survival Mods

Crystal Isles
✦ Scorched Earth

PvE Legacy - 15 map Cluster (both NA and EU maps!)

PvE Legacy Mods
NA Crystal Isles
NA Genesis
NA Valguero
NA Ragnarok
NA Aberration
NA Island
NA Center
NA Extinction
NA Scorched
NA Antartika
NA Olympus
EU Valguero
EU Ragnarok
EU Extinction
EU Genesis

Event Links

Shop/Kits with ARKADE Coins

Earn ARKADE Coins just from playing on our servers to buy fun items in the ARKADE Shop! Don't have a lot of time to play? Earn Coins just for upvoting us on ark-servers.net! You may also earn coins for certain events or killing on our DeathMatch.

Exciting Streamed Events

Some servers consider double taming as an event, but not on ARKADE. Our custom-built, fun events include 5v5s, automated death matches, mazes, gauntlet, Pirate ship battles and more! Our Event map is configured to be unique and provide fair, balanced pvp. Events are streamed, and these are always so much fun! We also host contests, and other unique rewards such as Past Season Champions! We have a custom built western town of Arkadia complete with tombstones of all our staff and Tribe Reps! Blow the town up in an event, no worries, it is saved and will come back for future events.

Fun Community

Join our active Discord Community with 8500 members where we interact with Survivors and encourage every tribe to help us plan the community by assigning a Tribe Rep. Every Friday we host a Friday Night Fireside Chat and a large number of the community hop in to listen to ARKADE's plans, give feedback and help us build the best Ark server ever! We highly value ARKADE Survivors and most major decisions are run past the entire community to get a feel for what the server as a whole wants to see. Other important decisions are up to our Tribe Reps in which every tribe on the server is encouraged to have a Tribe Rep or two to represent their tribe. Returning champion tribes are given a Crown icon in Discord! Our ARKADE Guilded hub is where to check on special server events, tribe safe tags, and more. We love our fun community! ❤️

Optimized for Fair and Balanced gameplay

Settings and rules are optimized for balanced PvP and PvE experiences. OP items are disabled (see our website for more details). We run only the most essential mods such as Structures Plus and other quality of life mods. We won't go overboard with mods, to ensure optimal up-time.


* XP: 3x
* Gather: 5x
* Taming: 7x
* Breeding: 10x (PvE 15x)
* Max Player Level: 105; 135 (max ascension)
* Player Fortitude per level multiplier: x2.5 (5 fortitude per point)
* All Engrams able to be learned
* /giveengrams command lets you learn all engrams available to you at any level
* Custom beacon drops!
* Mating Interval: .5x
* Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.39
* Admin Logging: Enabled

Join our community today by hopping into our Discord and choosing your new home! We look forward to meeting you!

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