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pvp JOIN MY SERVER! NOW CLUSTER 10/20 Arkaholics/RAG/50x/Kits/6m/ORP/Events

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                                       RAGNAROK                                                                                                                                EXTINCTION                

  https://arkservers.net/server/                                                     https://arkservers.net/server/


  MODS:                                                    MAP:VALGUERO                                                  MAX WILD DINO=300        

 .Structure +                                                                                                                             LEVELS AFTER TAME=150                                                                         

 .Stacks For Humans                                                                                                               MAX PLAYER LEVEL=320

 .Classic Flyers                                                                                                                         50X HARVEST

 .Awesome Teleporters                                                                                                          10X TURRET DAMAGE

 .Arkomatic                                                                                                                              6X CAVE DAMAGE 

.Offline Guard

.Better Reuseable

.Element Bench






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everyone is on np must be one of the mods u installed might be a corrupted file i had someone who had similar problems he did the verify integrity of game files it didnt work for him but it might for you so he just uninstall ark and install again and had no trouble and is on still to this day or i can give u the mod list and try find the one thats causing it and re download it 

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Three things that I can think of right now:-

1. Does your computer have multiple Windows login accounts?
Steam used to have problems if multiple windows accounts use Steam with mods.  Steam doesn't properly separate its working directories so config from one windows account can interfere with the Steam config in a different account.

2. Try unsubscribing from all you mods in the steam workshop, then...
Validate your steam files through the steam client, then...
Re-subscribe to the mods.

3. Check your network bandwidth.
It might be taking sometime to update your copy of the mods.
Keep trying to get on to the server.  Sometimes, my gaming PC can take 4 or 5 attempts to update itself before successfully connecting to a modded server.


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