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pvp Ark Server running on virtual machine hardware requirements

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Ark Server running on virtual machine hardware requirements

Hey there,

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this I was'nt quite sure.

We want to run multiple servers on the Microsoft store version of ARK. We so far have come to the conclusion that this will require virtual machines. But after running test we have confirmed the vGPU technology of VMWare and VirtualBox is insufficient, as ARK will hang and crash on the blue screen with the 'title' image. We suspect this is the fault of ARK not detecting or being unable to use the graphics card as well. We have yet to look into esxi 6.5 if anyone knows if that will work. We were wondering if anyone has been able to do this and if so what graphics card supports virtualization and we don't want to buy those 1k dollar ones. I saw a post somewhere saying that the 1060 ti might be capable. Another post says Nvidia keeps passthrough technology to there expensive grid gpus. We have no preference over what the card is. All help will be appreciated. Again to summarize we are looking for help on what gpu and software is required for passthrough to multiple VMware machines. Thanks.

Sharks Interactive

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