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Improvements, Additions and more

 @Cedric  if he made a opinion on this post it would make my Month! 



island/Base game: 


 herbivores can be tamed with honey (like mutton)

 you keep skins from boss like from rockwell and the manticore ,

bigfoot can carry tools

, Breedable insects like mantis , spiders , Crabs etc

, Herbs that (can help heal you)

, swamp fever is timed

, the "Building maintenance Kit" able to reinforce and Upgrade buildings, like metal to Blast metal, stone to Concrete brick and more

, Flashlight's

, Flagpoles "to claim your area and increases the you can't build range around your bases only on PVP"

, Offline protection your bases have 5xs the resistance and turrets do more damage

 and TLC's please

, land mines, New turrets , Mortars/ artillery to defend your base.

a food chain like carnivores will attack each other, and creatures

procoptodon spider and others take kibble

,  Rope bridge "basically a base game tek bridge"

,  Poison arrows and Darts " to help low mid and high end tribes to slow down animals

, Smoker "Basically a Industrial Preserving Bin

, Water Tank " Looks like one of those Modern ones and can store 2000 water"

, War Horn " why not?"

Large Painting Canvas

, New Meat/Meat types " insect Meat. gives less food then Raw meat but lowers Torpor slightly and megatheram love it . also a prime Meat version" , Raw Fat , " stacks up to 50 and gives a Mediocre amount Of food but its Good for Babies to have a large amount and its light. drops mostly from Fatter animals like Sheep , Phiomia , Mammoths Etc

, Incubator " to help hatch babies without the Lag of Ac's" Plus its slightly Faster"

, Ac's can go in windows

, Walls have the option to be solid

, Alarms will tell you how set them off

, Spikes auto Decay over time (to stop spam)

,  Able to stop a length of Hair " like Half way for example"

, You can Pick up Lystros

, Dinos drop Bone's A substitute for Chitin

, New Fish Like ( arapaima , Tiger Fish , Sturgeon and Sawfish, Some Are Harder To catch But they can give you more loot and even Blueprints)

 You can make some blueprints, ( Not tek , high grade stuff,  stuff like buildings , Bullets and Aplences)

, A separate Fuel slots like wood or gas

 , different meats heal better for canovors, "Mutton best, Cooked fish worst"

, Cooked Fish Restores Small amounts of stamina ,

Reduce Food Consumption ( Seriously You starve WAY to Fast Lol)

, if you level up Food or water it goes up by 100

 Metal Cage 

 Also" The Liopleurodon Has Two types the normals which Is stronger than the megalodon and You tame normally and the Magicly One"

 Anky Auto Harvest ,

Chitin armor can be crafted in smithy but can be repaired in your inventory.

and a Stun, shock , and pounce  Protection that last for 30 secs.



Scorched Earth: 

Solar panels

Fire traps,

new animals like a Giant rhino beetle , Antlion's , and giant Wasp

 sandstorms make animals harder to see you

and ascension Cave. maybe A Mek version of the Overseer.

and new subspecies " scorched {Blank} they have more health but less damage

Fire Bomb: Like a Molotov and thermite together good against Armored Enemies 



Ravagers bleed only goes to Alpha, even when tamed

Spore arrows " poison them like the mushrooms or Gas grenades with the same thing

" A drill basically the Chainsaw version of the pick

, Charge Pistol: Low damage Full auto like a SMG when not aiming full auto but low damage but when aiming its burst. uses 1% per shot

 Charged Carbine: A sim-auto Rifle that Shoots beams of Charged Made with the Fabricator, it High Heat it shoots can burn armor but if you spam the gun it overheats Witch was Diana's Prototype for the Railgun.

 , New aberrant Dinos like: therizino , kapro , kentro , procoptodon , ovie raptor , Chailo , spider , megalana , thylacoleo. ammonite ,  beavers , Gailli , Archaeopteryx , megaloceros , wooly rhino and Pachyrhino , patchy , Dimorth's , and Dillos. 

able to grow mushrooms

able to build in the trees

 Charged Generator ,

Hopper " to collect Things during earthquakes

FLARE Trap , 

Aberrant Armor set you get it by getting all rockwells notes

Basilisk can be breeded TAKES A WHILE THOUGH. 

"Gem steel" a new building type slightly Stronger than metal, but Keeps Radiation outside. 

Tek Cliff Platform 

Charge nodes allow you to leave the ARK



A Beast Called the Gargoyle " a giant Bat Like creature that Screams  to stun and harm dino and is the apex predator of the wasteland! 

, Wild corrupted Dinos cant damage structures But the ones from the drop can ,

Buildable Defence unit "the Tank robot"

a way to unlock basic tek structures from the titans 

. that's it  maybe 3 special wyverns , Magma  " shots fireballs that don't damage structures but leave fire pile"  Element "Shoots a Blast of element That doesn't damage structures But doses good damage agent Corrupted Dinos , and the forest wyvern "A wyvern that looks like its made of trees and shoots Seed Pods that Shoot Plant species X shots (kinda like a shotgun).

 skin for Beating all the titans, Scrap Suit and Weapon skins, " so The Scrap helmet looks like a Enforces Head Plate with the eye Removed" , " the chest legs gloves and Boots looks like a Makeshift Tek suit But its doesnt Glow The jet Pack is Gone and it looks like its made of Scrap" , " and the weapons, sword looks like A defence Unit Blade welded on a Hilt, Pike Looks like a enforces Claw welded on a Rod".

 new Subspecies Elemeted {Blank}" they would have the element pattern like the legs of the managrarmer. They have More Health And stamina but less Damage and Wight".



More Ocean Exclusive Resources like: Carbon Fiber " with 50  you can make 5 polly and can be used to make stuff like riot gear some saddles and Tek"

, oxygen Plants " they fill up with air Over time"

, Ocean food chain Like shark Eats ithys , sharks Eat eels , plesyes , plesyes hunted by mosas , and mosa get eaten by squids

More Resources. like more metal , crystal , obsidian , and rocks.  



Skins: some unique Skins That you can get and KEEP!

Captains Set " Earned by killing all sea Alphas" looks like something on atlas

Nervas Solder Set "look like a Roman soldier" earned by getting all his notes

 Mei Yin Assault Rifle and sword " both earned by getting her notes" Rifle Looks like a wooden AK 47 With Carvings and some Raptor Feathers tied to it", "and a sword looks like a Ancient Chinese Sword"

the Argy skull skin

Wyvern Armor Set " Looks like your armor is made of obsidian and Crystal"

Ushanka Hat" earned by Going to the snow biome.

Sabertooth Skull Skin "earned by killing the alpha Carno" .

Master tamer Set: Looks like your wearing pelts with a Deer Hood on your head and you have a Necklace with Feathers and Teeth. earned by taming all base game dinos"

Sanctuary Civilian Set:. "looks like a jumpsuit that would be under a tek suit and it earned by getting extinction".

Nameless skull Skin: the Skull of a nameless " earned by Killing All the alphas of aberration as well as the Rock Drake skull and Basilisk Skull skin".

 beating the extincion Alphas you get The Corrupted Rex and Trike Helmet!    

And able to keep the skins from the Manticore or rockwell!

and Some way to unlock Perverse event skins. 



Aberrant Deinonychus , Aberrant Death worm, Aberrant Rex , Aberrant Rock Golem , aberrant Morellatops , aberrant thorny Dragon, Aberrant Mantis , Valguro exclusive! only some you can't bring to normal ab 

Crabs spawn in the abyss AKA the ocean

 2  new wyvern's Wind wyvern: able to Shoot a Blast of Wind.  and the water Wyvern: able to Fly and swim and shoots blast of Water.



Breedable Griffins "takes a while tho"  


New Dinos:

Guanlong: smaller than a Raptor but the size of A patchy, despite their size they are very deadly Living in Groups of 2 these Raptor's Feathers have small quills that are Verys Sharp and use their arm feathers as blades to cut through flesh, and can us their tail to fling their back feathers as a ranged weapon,

: the Moa. these Mid size Birds are easy prey on the island and much like a dodo they breed quickly, and aren't the best at fighting, how ever for whatever reason They help the ecosystem By trying to raise babies that aren't there own so many people us them to raise babies and there egg production

Carcharodontosaurus: while being as big as a trex these have a Vulture like nature even when they see a small human they refuse to attack unless they are weak, however if they are near a corpse they become Violent And Aggressive They have the never to attack the Trex with a Even fight and if they eat a corps they heal quicker to compensate For there low health.

  Hadrosauridae: these relatives of the parasaur live with them and act as the guard of them, they make a sound at their enemy that causes some animals to rive in pain from the high pitch sounds and its stronger with others nearby there saddle is able to carry 3 people,

  Australovenator: This dinos can go on both and Four Legs to move, and they have a venom that is similar to a Fever and rabies but if a human is bitten they develop the fever symptoms witch Decrease stamina and fortitude,  but with other dinos they get sick the rabies like symptoms and will slowly lose HP and stamina. slowly. 

Gorgonopsid: A large Mammal like reptile. the gorgonopsid is a little bit larger than the direwolf but Have Teeth that i can best describe as Meat cleavers . the Gorgonopsid and it has a Special Sense that allows it to hunt the best i can describe it is a scent trail. that it can follow. 

Xiphactinus: A Large Fish found is the oceans and rivers . that uses it long jagged Teeth to latch on too prey and Spins while draining its blood and they go to packs of 1 to 3. weaker than the megalodon but has the numbers to out weight their strength.

Archelon: A large Sea turtle thats slow on land by speedy in the water and is the main reason that the jellyfish population isn't so high. and they can harvest a ton of bio toxen! and they leave eggs on the beach that can be used to make kibble 

Helicoprion: A mid Size Shark smaller than the Megalodon but With a rotating Blade around his mouth made of bone,  its able to Easily Cut Through Most Preys armor. they have a the saw keeps spinning to easily cut through flesh even the mosasaur will think twice before attacking it. 



Building: New Types/ Defences

Behemoth walls (5xs stronger then Gates)

Curved foundation and ceilings ( able to make a Near perfect Circle with these foundations)

. Electric fence (able to shock anything that touches It) 

Ceiling light.

Rapid Turret: Uses Advanced Pistol rounds Holds more ammo,  fires faster , Less Damage 

Auto Canon: ( no it' not what you think it is) A Compacted Turret that shoots Sniper rounds , Shoots Kinda Slow , Heavy Damage , Armor piercing, Cool down , holds less ammo. Long range, The farther it is the more time it takes to Lock on and aim .

auto Mortar/ Artillery: Able to place on your base and uses Rockets, Makes a ring to see where and how far it can Shoot (Can Disable), can only place 2 within a 40 Foundation Range, 1 Slot to hold a stack of rockets, can't use Batteries , Useless in caves . Able to out maneuver The Strikes if your fast enough. But VERY Deadly if they HIt you or your Tames. Also needs power  

Hedgehogs:  Strong , Not able to take spike Damage , Very Resistant to explosions. 

Land Mines, a much better IDE , Better Damage , Red Light to know if its armed , parausars can detect them. 


TEK Defences   

Tek Deathray: (Earned by beating the Desert Titan) acts Like Artillery, But it Shoots lighting from the Sky (Uses Element)

Heavy Tek Turret: A Large Turret that shoots Contracted element that Destroys Stuff. like a Gauss Cannon 

TeK mines: They Explode and Leave a Electrical Shock ( last 10 sec's)


  New building Classes: ( you can Unlock or Uses the building maintenance kit)

 (Concret) next to zero Protection from any weather, nearly as strong as metal, needs stone and cementing paste. but can hold against Explosions 

 (Blast Steel) a Reinforced Metal that looks Dark Brown and looks very reinforced The doors look like vault doors and pervieses some heat protection. and Is very Blast resistance but not restence to any other Damage. needs Oil and Metal 

(Gem steel)  AB not as strong as Metal but close it removes Radiation inside AND  it keeps the cold out. and others Building Reinforcement. Heavy plates of ether Wood , stone , metal or tek to add more protection to said building. needs Gems and metal

(Clay Concrete SE): acts like concert but keeps you cool from the heat. Needs Clay and CP

(Brick): Better than stone . Need more Stone 

(Reinforced Tek): Much better then Tek needs . Oil Polly and Metal  Looks like the Stuff in the Overseer room 

(Holo Tek): Looks Like Renfoced Tek but with A hexagon Pattern on it. needs element.  Best in the Game.



: Bolt action Rifle: "Uses Simple Rifle rounds And its Weaker then the long neck but doesn't have the Simauto like the fabricated rifle, its has high durability and is Reliable ammo 8"

SMG: "this uses Advanced Pistol Rounds and has a max ammo of 60 while it has low damage, it has a very fast DPS",\

Carbin: "a fabricated Rifle That has 20 shots and it uses Advance Rifle rounds it's more reliable mid range but doesn't have the DPS as the Assault Rifle

 Repeating Crossbow: this doesn't do as much damage as the normal one but it holds 5 arrows.

tek Pistol: it shots small bullets like projectiles and is Full auto, but does not Damage Structures." 

Tek Thrower: " shots monten Element  that stick to enemies.



(Have you ever wanted to brew more beer and even moonshine, Well This is for you!)

"Fermenting organic items" this allows you To make organic substitutes For Items"

  Sap: 20 wood , 25 berries or crops and 75 fiber for 5 sap

 Organic polly: 25 Angler Gel, 10 sap , 25 Crops or berrys, and 10 oil to get 20 Organic polly.

| Boi Oil: 20 rotten meat , 20 Berry's or Crops to get 10 oil.

| Bio gel: 5 oil , 2 sap , 25 rotten meat and 25 berries or Crops to get 25 angler gel.

| Pharmon extract: 50 Rare Flowers and 2 oil to get 5 Pharmon extract(Basically Ammonite Bile)

 | Fertilizer: 40 Rotten meat , 15 Chitten or kariton, and 2 Oil you get 2 fertilizer:

|Gunpowder: 2 Fertilizer , and 5 Oil to get 15 Gun Powder


.    Alcholes: Moonshine: 15 Longrass , 5 Savoroot, 25 berrys and 5 Stimberries, Even stronger then Beer but! the Hangover last a Long time!


Wine 25 Narcoberries ( for you Fancy people!) |


: Cactus Beer: 25 Cactus sap, 15 berrys. Fully Hydrated You and Makes you Immune to the Heat but makes you cold:|

  Wyvern Rum: 5 sulfur , 15 Cactus Sap , 5 sap , 15 salt , and 50 berrys: Gives the same effect as wyvern milk but wyverns Don't Attack you unless you attack them


 Fungal Beer: 25 Mushrooms and 5 thatch, this make you immune To spores and Radiation and Fills your Food Up for 20 Minutes |

Caveshine:  15 Mushrooms, 5 rare mushrooms , 5 angler Gel , 2 Biotoxin , 15 Longrass. Give Slight Vision , 50 For Heat and Cold Protection and emits Charge:


Owl Wine: 15 Rockarrots , 2 owl pellets , 15 element Dust , and 5 Red sap. Gives you owl termale Vision For 10 minis.    


Small Changes To cooking:

New Models: Food 

Steak: Looks like a Stuffed Steak. with other stuff in in.

Bowl of Something: Gives a Soup look

Cabob: to give a Meat on a Stick look...

Water/ Drinks 

Jar: Gives look of A Medical brew Jar



Sabertooth: "new Look , able to Sneak to do bonus damage and able to move and jump side to side"

Mammoth: Able to shoot water out, new look , platform saddle , and a herd boost"

 Carno: able to turn around like the Sarco, a Charge, Rage increases his damage but drains a ton of stamina and HP has to be Half and new look"

Carbonemys: new look , able to hide in shell , able to flip on his back and spin like a saw blade but its nearly uncontrollable, and a snapping turtle jaw"

Megaloceros, increases size and new look , male able to kick in the back, gets a outnumbered effect where if there's more creatures that can hurt it i gets stronger, and antlers cause Bleed, Female Increase Carry weight , Able to kick back and causes males to be more aggressive

. Quetzal: "new look, increase stamina the higher you are, adrenaline effect allows it to move much Faster for a lot of stamina

".Pteranodon: "new look ,Able to dive like a owl, able to dive in the water to kill fish, and able to Grapple on walls".

Pelagornis: "able to dive underwater for a short period of time, able to eat fish in the wild, new look and the best organic polly gather in the game"

Bronto: "new look, Fixed feet, neck stands up tall , able to destroy stone (With Heavy Stomp!)  stomp heavy attack , tail wack , Front Bash and able to Stand on its Feet"

. Stego:"new look ,  Able to hold its atack , new look , Bite , a roar to recruit wild Stegos to your side like the yuty, herd boost, alpha gets a stun effect".

Terror bird: armor piercing 10%, new look, Claw scratch , incerces prime meat gathering, pack boost with call".

Titanoboa:" Both Venomous and a constrictor, rideable , Breedable , Able to Grapple on Big dinos and sufficat them and bite for torpor, able to get eggs without Agro".

Spider: "Able to climb walls , Uses webs to reinforce Buildings , Faster speed, Jump, A stamina drain bite, able to shoot webs and weakens effected target and new look".

ANT Queen: remember the Hive? basically that it can hatch Ants and summons them to attack".

Gailli:" increase carry weight, Able to Kick and Knock back enemies and new look". 

 Frog: "auto lock on Bugs and increase damage to all bugs and new look".

Theryzenio: new look

Giga: "Rage can be controlled by trying to claim it down but if it keeps taking damage it will get mad, when it roars is weaken enemies for 1 min with cool down' when done raging it will get a tired effect where Stamina Gets low and torpor rises AND new look"

Diplodocus: "not able to directly but can crack its tail like a wipe, can make even the biggest carnivore run! Decrease Weight on Natural resources and new look".

Patchy: " slight size increases, Causes More torpor, new look, increases Damage resistance and Can break Doors not gates

Wyvern: "able to aim attack like managarmer"

Megalodon:" new look , able to sense weak enemies Like the wolf and a Dash that can cause Bleed"

Pleseo: able to stick its head out of the water, new look , able to turn in a 360 to attack.

Basilo;  "Fix Taming".

Mosa: "New look, Tail attack for the Back".

Angler: "New look and Able in increases and decreases Light and able to scare off eels and jellyfish way",

Jellyfish: "A timer to stun you and your able to swim away".

Scorpion: new look, buttons for claws and Stinger. and able to produce narcoice's per hour

Moth: Able to Produce Silk and is Able to Change Its Gas From Pharmons , to make everything Go berserk , to A Blinding Gas and Even and A fertilized one where it Helps Crops Grow like a Crop Duster

 Monkey: New look , and Has A crafting Skin that can help You when you craft stuff.

Dimetrodon: Acts like A living trough For Babies and Keeps the Area Cool or warm.

Paracer: Able to Back Kick Like A GIANT horse , new look , and Has 25% Armor. And it Can Do a Charge!.

Kapro: New look and Able to Jump High, insead of a lunge.

Anky : New look and Smother animations Same For Doed. and has a GATHER option Like moschops. to gather different resources 

Piranha: Acts like hyena attacks if your weak  and new look.

Baryonyx: able to uses its claws and has A water boost like Spino

Perlova: Able to ride and Berrow Underground Like A basilisk But Not as Good and new look

 Morellatops: Able to upgrade Water storage. new look and able to carry 3 people.

Thorny Dragon: Able to Bite witch is venomous and better at getting wood.

Chailco: New look,

Dillo: Able to pet it like a Hyena( the Dog of Ark).

Dung beetle able to pick up poop

, Bigfoot able to hold tools

, Bats size decrease To ride your shoulder

 Diens running way/ Random passive Flee 

Thylo claw swipe,

Enforcer armor. 

 Phiomias: drops Prime meat at least 2 , Phiomias would Drop a unique kind of Poop called Phiomia Droppings," when feed to a dung Beetle you get more fertilizer and Netro which is a substitute for Gunpowder" 


Small Things

: Able to turn off AC'S ,

if your Falling or Swimping you can Eat.

4 stages of Food and Water effect once your food or water goes down it will give you these 


Peckish: Make Stamina Lower Faster

Hungry: Melee is weaker 

Famished: Wight is Reduced, and even weaker

Starving: you lose HP and stamina


 Parched: Lose Stamina Faster 

Thirsty: get slower. and Cant heal Fully

Mild Dehydration: Weak And Take more Damage 

Dehydration: Death  

Benefits to surviving  

you have to eat the good food Run around,  drink and be active you can't just sit. and you can earn: and they go away if you Died 3 times (note you can't have them all) 

 4% reduction to Damage 

+100% Crafting Skill 

-45% food and water Consumption

+ 15 Fortuted 

+50% protection from the elements

-25% Stamina Consumption   

5% extra Healing efficiency

Immunity to poison and 75% reduction to any diseases

+10% extra Health

2% more Damage.

15% reduction to weight

-25% less oxygen consumption

 Skin type for characters  

 Smooth: Females , Default , Male Skins looks more Smooth.

Rough: Females , Skin has a couple of marks, Males Default

old: Females look wrinkly same for Males 

Able to change with scissors( for some reason??)  


   New Crops

Mejo fruit: Really good for water and taming and cooking

Field Grain: wheat, able to brew beer , Able to make Bread , Good for Cooking and Taming

Magma Peppers: Great for making stronger medical brew , heal's you and great for cooking

Water Grain: rice , grows quick , stacks a lot , great for cooking not to good for taming 

Scorched Earth.

Sand Leaf: Aloe , great for healing you and dinos and good for cooking.

Hook Fruit: Pineapple , Good for Cooking and Great for taming 


Growable Mushrooms


New Plant species 

A: you Raise it and it grows a Crystal That can be opened for loot and start again"

B: able to Hold babies like a kangaroo pouch, with same effect"

C. : A plant that Bites its prey and if it eats a animal it makes fertilizer"

D .: a plant that makes a orora of electricity that acts like a tek generator( does not power tek ) and can shoot lighting to stun uses fertilizer as Fuel"

E :for the cost of fertilizer It heals nearby Dinos (the more max HP the more it will cost)"

F: Grows some fruits That can be placed as Land mines"

G: "Gives the greenhouse effect to all Nearby plants and fertilizer it on its own".

F:" Grows a fruit That can give you Random Good Effects but if you eat to much you get Very Sick

 G:" grows into a mortar like Weapon that uses a lot of fertilizer but it shoots spore clusters and leaves a gas behind

 H: "a mushroom that leaves a very deadly mist that can hurt both you and the enemies good for base defence", I: "grows a A plant that shoots small blast of Ice that can freeze slow down enemies" ,

J: grows into a Plant that can give you Root spikes( they are like wooden spikes but they poison and they attack they decay over time)".

K:" Grows a plant that shoot thorns at very rapid Rate".

L: "emits Pharmon that act like a oviraptor and grows pharmon fruit that make dinos agro". 

N: "a Plant that extracts resources out of the ground (like metal and Obsidian but it Spolies over time.  

O:" Grows a plant that when you get near it will emit radiation for you and others

P: "Grows a plant that acts like a Bright light... that's it"

Q: "Grows a Plant that is a Carnivore and is Very Poisonous" 

R: "Grows a plant that Reinforces The base (does not stack!!)"

S: "a plant thats Shoots X Plant shots (like a Shotgun) But range is shorter and uses more fertilizer" 

T: "it Grow........... just fruits To eat that herbivores Love but not as much as honey"

U: "it Makes plant that Makes nearby dinos Stronger Uses Fertilizer 

V: "Grows Roots that You can uses to place on buildings to reinforce them"

W: A plant that Grows into the Forest Wyvern (looks like a Wyvern but made plants like the forest titan the Seeds come in levels). Take a Shot each time i say "Grows into a Plant"



 you can put laser Sights and scopes on crossbows 

 Muzzle break: increase Damage But takes 4Xs the durability

Fast mag: makes Reloading faster

Extended mag: increases ammo (works with some weapons).

Reflex Sight: like holo scope but smaller.

Grip: reduces Recoil. 


Thxs for reading this I hope at least of these get added  EDIT Thanks for the comment If theres something that may seem a bit questionable Plz Give feedback  im  open for suggestions and Idea Changes Also this was my first Post so Thank you if you support It.:Jerblove:       

Also i hope at least 1 of these get added 

Edited by Udam
More ideas and Fixes

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Lots of ideas and i loved some of them but hard to upvote post due to multiple ideas spanning multiple dlcs.... Love the drill idea in abberation and grow mushrooms... Spore arrows sound cool always down for more skins for armor and more abberent dinos.... Scorched def could use the solar panels.... Honey for herbivores like mutton also good idea and the behemoth walls could reduce lag on officals due to less parts used over gateway and door combos... Breedable insects are highly wanted... Tech crab isn't a insect but would be cool to breed them... And I've always thought once a boss has been cleared skins should spawn on survivor...

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The whole building kit idea bit iffy on would love more options to build with like engrams for concrete but the using kit to upgrade a building piece to a higher teir type seems a little off and grindy... That gargoyle idea on extinction would love to see a gargoyle mythical creature that follow looks and lore somewhat... Love the edit highlighting ideas in orange easier to read through now.

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The list isn't bad, but since I can't get behind each and every suggestion... I can't upvote the suggestion as a whole. Had it been broken down into suggestions by map or type, the discussions could be a bit more streamlined and the posts easier to upvote as a result. 

I do appreciate the suggestion though and it gave me some things to think about. 

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4 hours ago, Udam said:

That's understandable. i tried to make it more "separate" but someone merged them so yeah that sucks 


but thxs for the feedback tho!

I had that happen once before too. It had something to do with the title I think. Once I changed it to set it apart for the the one it was merged with it seemed to remain separate. 

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1 minute ago, SapphireSam7 said:

The list isn't bad, but since I can't get behind each and every suggestion... I can't upvote the suggestion as a whole. Had it been broken down into suggestions by map or type, the discussions could be a bit more streamlined and the posts easier to upvote as a result. 

I do appreciate the suggestion though and it gave me some things to think about. 

That's understandable. i tried to make it more "separate" but someone merged them so yeah that sucks 


but thxs for the feedback tho!

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17 hours ago, Kaprosuchus said:

i dunno. When they first launched the suggestions subforum i remember them saying that it was easier if ideas were seperated into individual suggestions, i can't tell you why they would merge them unless they are the same idea which clearly they are not.

well what i did was i copied it. and added some other stuff then it said.

this community moderator: has merged your post! 

even tho i tried to sepperat. so ill stick with this for now 

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