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New Players - A little advice.

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New Players - A little advice.

Greetings new survivors, 

It's my sincere hope that I can convey a positive message to help you as a new player, enjoy your Ark experience when joining the Official Servers.  Thus, i'm up at 4:41am EST, writing this article in hopes that you'll take the time to read a few things and consider my words before you click that join button. Normally, I'd have 3 or 4 pages of things to say, but I'll keep this brief and spare everyone from a lengthy read.


The General Rule (Atleast in PvE):

  • 1. Don't just join the server without naming your survivor, the quickest way to spike suspicion and distrust is to log in as ""Human" or "Survivor."
  • 2. Never join an official server and ask to immediately join a tribe, this is a big red flag and you'll immediately be shunned and cast the light of an "insider" on yourself.
  • 3. Establish yourself, show that you are willing to struggle like others have. Build a base, attempt to tame a few dinos.
  • 4. Show courtesy and respect if you want to receive courtesy and respect.  Nothing ticks players off more than a shady/sketchy player stealing eggs or trying to get into their base without permission.
  • 5. Try and keep trying, make an honest attempt to achieve goals before asking for help. Nobody enjoys people begging for help nonstop.
  • 6. Respect the time each player puts into their bases, dinos and in the community. Nothing is more irritating than someone immediately asking for a Wyvern or Rex because they want to use an "I win" button. Dinos and resources take anywhere from hours to days, or days to weeks to raise. This is an investment of a player's time, and it's insulting when someone joins and immediately asks for someone else's time investment.

In truth, you have to understand that ARK isn't an instant gratification type of game, everything takes time to obtain, tames, resources, etc. People put a ton of time into the game and for someone to tread all over those efforts is considered disrespectful by most players. Most good communities will help, they'll offer guidance, toss you some good things to start with, and will treat you respectfully if you show the community you aren't another freeloader. You also need to understand, that trust isn't something easily given.  There is a risk if things aren't set up perfectly for someone with 6k hours of game play time logged to end up losing months if not years of work and progress. I'm particularly guilty of paranoia having had things taken without permission after being a good person and sharing access to my tribe/base and dinos. 


The moral of this post is to say, "Don't be a scrub." Play the game, learn the game, and get to know those you share a server with, it'll make your experience much easier. If you do like some of the more recent people on our servers and come in looking for immediate handouts and for us to play the game for you, you'll be sadly disappointed.

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Great post, you make several valid points and any new survivor to the game would benefit well from reading this though to be honest I don't think some would have the attention span to do so. Just the other night on my Val server a 9 year old (know this because when asked he told his age) got into global chat and asked to join a tribe. When he received no response he then went on to beg for 3 straight hours for somebody to let him join their tribe. Highlights of the evening was when he spelled out 'PLEASE' using individual letters scrolling vertically several times and then proceeded to hold down the E button when typing 'PLEASE' until he hit the character limit.

I know that is a rare case but that level of selfishness is unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent even in full grown adults sadly. I do hope that people who actually want to learn how to play the game discovers this post and other helpful ones before they make fools of themselves like so many do now. It would make the game nicer for everyone.

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8 hours ago, Plum28 said:

Also explore a little, when trying to find land to build on. 

And you will die a lot while exploring and then die again when you are trying to find your body. 


We all have been trough that. 

I tend to pick a spawn point and run as far as I can until I die, then pick a different one and do the same until I've used each spawn point at least once.

1. you open up some of the map.

2. you get exploration so and learn some engrams.

3. you may come across some cool bases in the server.

4. you don't lose anything of importance. 

Afterwards I choose where I would like to settle.

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Cant stand people jumping on the server instantly begging for items/tames/join a tribe, then complain the whole map is pillared when they just spawned at the beach zone and walked 5 feet. Literally tons of space to build. People tell them this, just go walking AWAY from the spawn points and find a spot, some people even offer to help find a spot and the answer we get is.. I cant be bothered, can someone bring me to the OB so I can just transfer out of here. LOL totally useless people, I dont know why they even play.

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