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pvp New Hysteria PC PVP Cluster

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Hysteria Ark is a new server cluster and I’m seeking players to join in the madness

The server offers 70 player slots and we prefer mature gamers

Discord channel is friendly and very active

Also looking for new active and friendly admins



  • Structures Plus
  • Automated Ark
  • Classic Flyers
  • Stackmemore
  • Pet Finder
  • Awesome Spyglass
  • Utilities Plus
  • The Chasm (valguero only)
  • Valguero Map Expansion (valguero only)


Game Setting



All rates are up for a community vote and are subject to change

  • XP: x5
  • Harvest: x4
  • Taming: x10
  • Maturation: x20
  • Hatching: x30
  • Weight: x2 (players and dinos)


This server is designed to be fun and competitive with raiding encouraged.  There is a zero tolerance for griefing, racist/sexist comments, and extreme profanity.  I look forward to implementing some of my event ideas such as gladiator arenas, Pokémon battles, and treasure hunts with some amazing prizes!


The admins are neutral and will not actively raid unless prompted. We try to be fair to all players and want to make the experience as fun as possible.


Join our Discord server for an invite!


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14 hours ago, EmbraceDeath said:

You won’t get many players with a expired discord link. 😂

Death, thanks for letting me know.

The Discord admin made a permanent link, so we're not sure why it expired. 


We'll have a new one up tomorrow morning. In the meantime, if you want the server address, then let me know.


We've had four new individuals join so far!

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