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Bring sarco army, kapro, or chalicotherium into cave

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18 minutes ago, d1nk said:

Oh im reading just fine, thank you. Im just informing you of your options. Its not me being mean, just frank. 

I dont pretend to have any notable intellegence. 

Welp it seems our arguing is getting us no where, lets just never talk about this topic again, and continue to live our lives on earth, I’d rather not make an enemy, and if this helps I’m sorry for saying you cant read the topic.

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Last time i did the swamp cave me and tribe mates went in with 3 high level dire wolves and a high level saber and we got the artifact but lost two dire wolves and the saber and lost two tribe mates, and when i got almost out the cave i was not mounted but my other tribe mate got out because he was mounted and i died cuz my mask broke but at least he got the artifact, oh wait he has to go through the terror birds OOF FAFC5040-C5A5-402E-83E9-62836376158F.thumb.jpeg.aa4f686070c4bc132bcb01192e49759e.jpeg

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