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Aberration Ideas #3: Light Pets #2



Aberration Ideas #3: Light Pets #2

A new Aberration Light Pet Ideas. This time, based mostly on the Pets of the Mane 6, Minus Twilight's Pet Owl since the Featherlight fills that role and the Lantern Shrew fills the role of Applejack's Dog.

Hip-Hop Gators are passive and love to Hop. Passive tames by feeding them Sweets like Cake Batter, they are experts in cooking Cakes and love gathering Kibble recipes.

Diamond Leopards, despite their name, are the Microraptors of Aberration. However, unlike Microraptors, they fear the Draconis species like Rock Drakes, Krakinos and even Reapers. Once tame (with Raw Meat and Knockout Tame), they prefer to be Alerted on the presence of Draconis species, Reapers, Nameless and Alphas.

Shielded Turtles are often the Tanks of Light Pets, taking a Beating. The only Rideable Light Pet, they take reduced damage from Alphas and Acid. However, they take Massive Fall Damage due to their massive Weight.

Quillalopes are the Rabbits of Aberration. Related to Microceratus, their horns often glow to make sure Nameless stay away. Once tame, Quillalopes are used to detect upcoming Dangers like Nameless and are experts to find Nameless Venom.

Concept is Mine, let me know your opinions about these ideas.

ARK Aberration Ideas 3.jpeg

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