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Mixed PVE/PVP Servers Area Based PVP


Mixed PVE/PVP Servers Area Based PVP

One of the major gripes I have with PVP in Ark is that I love building and I want to keep and expand on those buildings and not be forced to build for function only as is most wise in PVP.

So I suggest adding some servers and testing a system where specific areas of the map have PVP enabled, entice players to venture into those areas with high concentrations of special resources similar to element or better or high loot OSDs.

I would also suggest borrowing or using a variant of an old Anarchy Online system for PVP.

100% Suppression Gas Where the gas is 100%, no combat is allowed at all. Although this saves you from other players attacking you, guards of the opposing faction may target and attack you if you get in their range.
Suppression Gas
In these zones you are allowed to participate in PvE/PvM which is purely against the game.
No PvP is allowed.
Suppression Gas
This is where you can PvP against players of the opposing faction.
Suppression Gas
Found around Notum Wars Towers, this suppression gas allows PvP against anyone other than your own organisation.
Suppression Gas
These areas are free for all, irrelevant of side. (Although dependant on pvp level range)

A variation of this would make for a great adaptation to Ark, allowing a variance of zones PVP and PVE across the map, with maybe a few major zones like lava island or floaty on center and similar special areas on other maps. This will allow people to expand and maintain large bases safe from PVP loss while still having the optional PVP for resources and fun, instead of being at the whims of other people they would have to seek PVP actively themselves.

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