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Icloud wont save single player

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 Have the same problem. iPad 2018, iOS 12.1.4

been playin a year or more...roughly. Never been able to save to cloud or use tidy save. I’ve experienced crashes that were, or seemed unrecoverable and rolled back my game, sometimes by more than a month.. yay lol 

even now, my game has crashed and won’t load. But that’s a separate issue I guess. 

Ive logged out of iCloud, out of Game Center, confirmed its the same account (only for one lol) did countless hard and normal resets... just can’t get the game to the cloud.. 

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  • GroveStreet
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20 hours ago, k1zzys said:

I am having the exact same issue..very frustrating 

Try navigating to the in-game options menu, and under “Extras” use the “Tidy Save” button. This will remove excess game data from your save and make it easier for your device to load/save to the cloud. We recommend regularly using the Tidy Save option to keep your single player saves small and easy to upload to the cloud save slot.

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