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Which dino actions are suspended when offline


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Which dino actions are suspended when offline

This questions pertains to a Dedicates server running the Steam-PC version of ARK.


We have a private, dedicates server with 6 players. Between the bunch of us we're pretty active, but there are still times when no one logs on for a day or two, and even when we are logged on sometimes we spend a day at one of our remote bases instead of our main base where we have our egg farm, berry farm, breeders, etc. In the past, we thought that breeding and laying of fertilized eggs continued as long as we were somewhere on the server, but lately that seems to not be true. If we're doing ocean work at our aquatic base, the animals that are mating at our main base don't produce any fertilized eggs (we know this because we have an S+ Hatchery, it gathers all fertilized eggs without us having to manually find them).

This leads to two questions:

1) Which dino functions and game functions are suspended when no one is logged on? Is there a full, definitive list of all game functions that can be suspended?

2) Do any of those functions resume if someone is logged on anywhere on the server, or do all suspended functions required that someone is close enough to rez in the base and the animals?

* For example: I know that pooping and laying unfertilized eggs is suspended when no one is logged on, but I'm not sure whether merely being logged on is enough to resume pooping and egg laying, or whether someone has to be near that one, specific location where the dinos are located so that they rez in.


It's tempting to think that some of these behaviors have changed over time (like I would have sworn that animals keep mating and laying eggs 24x7, no matter how active or inactive the players are) but memory is a funny thing, and I'm wondering if the game really has changed or if I'm not remembering things correctly from the game's past.

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