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New(ish) Members!

Hello all!


Recently getting back into ark, and I'm really not new whatsoever into the game (in OG Ark, I haven't been able to afford the DLC as of yet beyond scorched earth). That being said I myself, am currently teaching someone how to play ark and they're getting a really good grasp of the game so far and would like to introduce him into the pvp of the game. We don't mind creating new characters, I can be a viable asset within your tribe if i know which server to join up on. And if you like (if you're a leader or recruiter, etc) feel free to add me via psn @ TG_SethTeeDeez or on discord @ TG_SethTeeDeez1655 and I'll be happy to chat with you there. 


My main objective in any of this would be to continue teaching buddy the ropes before i throw him into a mega base where there's so much going on, so perhaps a nearby outpost we can start creating and beyond that assist you guys gathering. i have limited but some experience on Ragnarok, but definitely no stranger to SE or the Island with the near future plunging myself into the DLC. Always loved Ark pvp, just never had a tribe organized or large enough to be able to REALLY get into it.

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