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OAP CLUSTER (ALL FREE DLC)  5x XP/25x Tame/12x Harvesing max wild dino LVL 300

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NEW server cluster  launched, no ADMIN SHOP TO MAKE MONEY JUST PLAY.......

OAP Cluster (ALL FREE DLC MAPS) + Extinction  5x XP/25x Tame/12x Harvesing max wild dino LVL 300

•    Taming Speed - 25x
•    Harvesting - 12x
•    Experience - 5x
•    Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier - 100
•    Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier - 100
•    Draining Multiplier - 0.7
•    Starvation Multiplier - 0.7
•    Difficulty - 10
•    Baby Mature Speed Multiplier - 25
•    Floating Damage Text Is On
•    3rd Person Mode Enabled
•    Unlimited Respecs
•    Corpse Locator
•    Wild Dino Levels Are Raised To 300
•    Tribe Log Shows Who Destroyed Structures
•    100% imprint quality timer


NO admin NO Rules....!, ALL FREE DLC MAPS + Extinction ARE LOADED!

To Join search for: OAP Cluster

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