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eliteark Elite ark for server of the year

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Elite ark for server of the year

Eliteark is a modded server for Ark survival evolved ( 25x ). This server is really great for all types of ark player from beginners to experienced player like me. Eliteark has a lot of great features that allow the game itself to be more changeling and fun, instead of grinding all day and having toxic community ( official). If you have friends they can team up with you and enjoy the great features like offline protection, point and reward system which can be really helpful if you like playing alone. Another good feature Eliteark has is there is a lot of active people at all times and features all of the maps. This is a great server if you are tired of the official meshing and the Devs not taking care of the game because Eliteark has a active group of admins which help prevent mesh monkeys and cheaters from taking the fun away form the game itself. Come play with me on the new Eliteark season 3.




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