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pvp LostPlanet PvP 10x Solo/Duo

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LostPlanet PvP 10x Solo/Duo

Mode: PvP
Map:   Island
IP:      steam://connect/
Mods: S+, Stack, Rare Sightings, Super Spyglass, TCRewards, Upgrade Station
Discord: https://discord.gg/ku8hd8g
TopARK: https://toparkservers.com/server/68198973
Started: 8/24, No Wipes

About: This server was created to stop looking for the hundreds of servers i didnt like.  It is for the solo and duos out there that want PvP but dont want to be discouraged to PvP.  Join the discord for rules and updates. 

-There are NO admins, you will not be saved.  There are NO rules, but please be respectful to others and only raid and take what you need. 
-I will advertise and update this server but nothing on the server will change. There will be NO wipes. 
-It is a straight 10x Server.
-Some Stats are boosted and breeding is boosted
-We will run events (ex. x2 Weekends, Races, Dino Fights)  Any Tribe may run an event but have to supply their own materials and rewards
-If there is for some reason cheating and it is recorded from our server and proof is evident, the cheating tribe will be wiped. 
-The mods are S+, Stack, Rare Sightings, Super Spyglass, TCRewards, Upgrade Station

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