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MINI-HLNA and Dye Bug

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MINI-HLNA and Dye Bug

Just noticed you can die the blue MINI-HLNA any dye color of your choosing, four slots. It's rather difficult to do, but it works.

I figured out it's best to equip the HLNA, then dye it. Note that while adding your colors, some colors you added already will appear to reset back, ignore it, then exit any inventories. The HLNA will still look like it hasn't been colored. Open YOUR inventory, L2 -unequip it and BAM it will be colored. Equip the bugger and you are good.

However, once you bed warp, die, etc... You have to dye it all over again.

Probably not an actually bug, but I think it should be coded to not lose it's coloring when it disappears.

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