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LFG new player wants a tribe

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Hey im looking for a tribe member to duo with in pve on the Island. Someone to roleplay with on an official server. Looking to have a special Ark experience and unlock all tek engrams. Make tje very moat of the game. If you're interested let me know. Steam ID: Hexicell.

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🐱🐉🐱🐉🐱🐉Zapraszam na serwer Clasic-Ark🐱🐉🐱🐉🐱🐉🐱🐉


💥Informacje o serwerze :) 💥


📞Discord :   https://discord.gg/GWqeKnR📞


❗Witam! Zapraszam na serwer Clasic -Ark/Welcome on Clasic -Ark❗


Classic-ARK servers settings:


Harvesting: x10-25

Experience: x5

Loot Quality: 1.0

Saddle Armour Clamp = 112%/140%

Weapon Damage Clamp = 350%

Taming Speed: x15

Cluster Transferring = True

Transfer Timers = False

Auto Unlock Engrams = FALSE

Show Floating Damage = True

S+ Nanny Imprint Assist = 0%-100%

Unlimited Mindwipe Respecs = True

Tribemate Imprints = True

Max Player Level = 150

Max Wild Dino Level = 150

Max Wild Wyvern Egg Level = 190

Max Wild Rock Drake Egg Level = 190

Resource Respawn: 0.1 [very-fast]

Mating Interval: 0.25 [fast]

Baby Mature Speed: x25 [fast]

Baby Food Consumption: 0.5

Egg Hatch Speed: x25 [fast]

Custom Recipes: enable

Tribe Alliances: disable

Max Players in Tribe: 15

PvP: enable

ORP: enable [past 60 minutes from logout]

Friendly Fire: enable

Diseases: disable

Gamma Settings: enable

Turrets Limit: disable

PvP Zone Structure Damage: x10 [caves etc.]

Weather-Fog: disable


⭐Classic-ARK servers blocked engrams: ⭐


-Triangle Foundations;

-Triangle Ceilings;

-Triangle Roofs;

-Fence Supports;

-Gacha Geaver;

-Charge Injector;


-Blueprint Maker;

-Tek ATV/Buggy


🗺Classic-ARK maps: 🗺











🎮Classic-ARK servers mods: 🎮


ID: 889745138 - Awesome Teleporters

ID: 928102085 - HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V296

ID: 731604991 - Structures Plus (Open Source)

ID: 1231538641 - ARKomatic

ID: 1404697612 - Awesome SpyGlass!

ID: 1786522940 - Valguero Dino and Map Extension

ID: 1993608893 - SPUK emergency fix for S+

ID: 1759005791 - ArkShop UI v0.96 [MAIN]



🎁 Shop Rewards & Stats: 🎁


Za zabicie Dodo: / For killing Dodo:

~ Level 1-50 otrzymamy 15 punktów! / Level 1-50, we will receive 15 points!

~ Level 51-150 otrzymamy 25 punktów! / Level 51-150, we will receive 25 points!


Za zabicie Rexa: / For killing Rex:

~ Level 1-50 otrzymamy 100 punktów! / Level 1-50, we will receive 100 points!

~ Level 51-100 otrzymamy 200 punktów! / Level 51-100, we will receive 200 points!

~ Level 101-150 otrzymamy 300 punktów! / Level 101-150 we will receive 300 points!


Więcej wkrótce! / More is comming!


🎁 Lottery:🎁


PL: Co 2 godziny odbędzie się loteria, w której wygrany zgarnia pule wszystkich biletów! Tzn. jeżeli tylko jedna osoba kupi bilet, to po prostu nic nie straci! Aby wziąć udział w loterii wystarczy wpisać '/lottery' w czat gry! Koszt to 100 punktów.


ENG: Every 2 hours there will be a lottery in which the winner collects pools of all tickets! If only one person buys a ticket, they simply lose nothing! To enter the lottery, simply enter '/lottery' in the game chat! Costs: 100 points.

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