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I loved the idea of pga's, but they were a lil to underwhelming when i monkeyed with them.  Giving us the ability to add obelisks, bosses, tek, and even dlc areas/items/dinos/bosses if weve bought the appropriate dlc would breath some awesome life into pga's(Plus further promote their dlc).  Imagine being able to create a valguero map with extinction dinos and bosses.  Add a tek cave option and a bigger, better, and more complete aberration area.  To help wc keep their balance though make pgas not able to transfer to anything other than a pga(might already be the case).  I feel like even after i beat all the maps pga's would keep me busy all but indefinitely.

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Good news. PGARKs seem to be fully functional on Xbox again. I've spent the last 2 days experimenting with them. My Xbox One is also an original Xbox One model, so don't worry about model differences. It seems WildCard seems to have fixed whatever shut them down the first time. Guess there was enough support for the feature after all. I'm currently making a new ARK as we speak. I'm trying to see how small I can make an island to survive on before the game becomes impossible lol.

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