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Tek dinosaurs tame and breed changes


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Tek dinosaurs tame and breed changes

Would love to see change how tek dinos are tamed and bred as they are machines not a living dino.. So change what they need to tame from kibble to oil,metal ingots, electronics, gasoline

And as a baby should only eat oil gasoline ingots and electronics..


Also instead of feces should drop scrap metal


New tek dinos id love to see added

Tek beezelbufos

Tek Bronto

Tek Argentavis

Tek megladon

Tek bassliosaur 

Tek titanboa

Tek Spinos


Would also be ok if to add more tek ceeatures you release more bionic skins to buy and once certain money threshold is reached you add in new ones... Also could have a poll running out of 5 suggestion for next tek creature each week and most voted gets bionic skin and a threshold limit of amount purchase by whole ark community before adding it to game...

Edited by DuncanMacleod08
Thought about it some more and made changes to orig post.
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