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What do I do with fertilized eggs

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Just now, DomiDarko said:

Drop them on the floor and see if they're incubating. If it says too cold: get some campfires/torches around them. If it says too hot: get a couple of air conditioners. Or get some Dimetrodons/Kairukus because they're living ACs. ;)

Awesome thank you I will give it a go, I have the perfect spot in my house I think. Thank you greatly. 

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Drop them in an area with the right temperature for said egg, different species need different temperatures.

Once it's incubating it's all good, the HUD will tell you if it's too warm or cold. 

Make sure you have enough food for the baby that pops out. Babies need to be fed by hand until it reaches 10%, then they'll eat from a through. You can get twins and triplets, extra food is good.

Enjoy a movie/series while caring and imprinting. 

Pretty much it.

Check the wiki for more info, i.e. type of food, maturation times etc. 


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