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Community Crunch 194: Genesis, Public Beta, and On The Horizon

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2 hours ago, Greatchawhee said:

I am just asking, but for you folks who say Tek tape are OP and there is no defense for them. Wc created a defense against fires a long time ago. Have any of you tried dimorphodons? A small flock of those. tell them to attack a tape. When they attack  they do damage to the rider before they do damage to the mount that means any flyer  is susceptible to dimorphodons flocks.they  are tiny and hard to hit. Just asking if any of you have tried that because I have tried that and they work very effectively.

The issue there is the range and depending how far you are away it would be hard to get them to "listen" to attack my target command and actually do that.  But honestly if that were me on the receiving end of the dimorph i would just fly down to a giga and tell the giga rider to kill the dimporh any time they went to attack me but I do agree that's been in place and I have seen it work just only works on a case by case scenario that I have seen anyways.  

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28 minutes ago, Lucifer15 said:


Yes it's like any season pass. You pay for the season pass and you get whatever it covers at no extra cost when they release.

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