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HLN-A is Navi from Zelda

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Since I'm not a player of either Zelda or Destiny, HLN-A reminded me a bit of Sparx from the Sypro the Dragon series. Though there's no resemblance and Sparx was more functional than HLN-A is (at this point - hopefully HLN-A will become more helpful). Interestingly, Sparx is about as old as Navi. 

I'd like to see HLN-A become a bit of an 'early warning system' for incoming attacks. Also, would be nice if they can find the right balance between keeping her out of your line of sight and also being available when needed for interactions. A few times I've been trying to see wild dinos and HLN-A has been floating right where I need to see.

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When I first saw it I thought of the ghosts on Destiny as well, but I am also a heathen that didn't play Zelda when I was younger so that might be why. Unfortunately right now the pet only reminds me of a roomba because it follows me face down along the ground. Between the silliness of that situation and the constant humming sound I don't really keep it equipped tbh. I might give it a second chance if they make the right tweaks but I'd want them to spend their energy more on the maps.

1 hour ago, ishootpaint said:

 My first impression of it was Guilty Spark from Halo 1 with a female voice.

I am now picturing Guilty Spark with an Australian accent...what have you done sir lol 🤣

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