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Mobile Megatherium?

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I wish I could say I had regrets about the decisions I made, but I don’t. Those 47,000 years were full of magical adventure, hollow redwood trunk portals and the rise and fall of the Sparkling Ascendant Armoured Otter Cult and its various schisms. I do wish I’d done more research before I started however, perhaps then each experience wouldn’t have been marred by the soul wrenching search for a #%^*ing megatherium. 

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I see you care more about dinos and find your megatherium than people. lol


I didnt talk to you since we destroyed our relationship, but why you just banned me now? You really abuse about your admin god console seriously. You often complained about crystal because you did everything for her on this game (built house, tamed all dinos, ect.) and sometimes tell me to her that you’re not online. Or, you complained about 5iand when I was new because he just hatched your egg. You built a little base for him because you didnt trust him and want him to stay here. Seriously, people  likes you because you are admin and can give you all stuff they want. If you were not, I dont think you will have more importance than anyone. You are just hypocritical dude act like nothing happen but dont hesitate to banne people because you dont like when they ask to much and after complained that you cant play your game or you say nothing because they are friend with the other admin.

I saw when you closed door to admin on your cottage or bedroom on treehouse or when you put option you’re not allow to destroy structure to be sure I cant enter. I understood that you didnt trust me a lot too when I was on your tribe. Even if I helped you a lot and spend ambers to decorate or revive your argy because you were sad... But I said nothing. Or the day when I say I was done with you because you ignored me and didnt even answer to any of my message. You acted like it was my fault and didnt give you the opportunity to answer or say something. Man, all the week you saw my message and I saw you red these. But you played on your other server and justified you behavior because you were on bad mood. After you told me that I am the problem and act like a kid.

Well dont bother me to answer, now I know what kind of person you are and understand why you banned me. I dont want to waste more time with that kind of person. 








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