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XBOX Looking to populate our server... Unofficial PVP... Cluster

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XBOX Looking to populate our server... Unofficial PVP... Cluster

Welcome to PESM!

With Valguero having just been released we're enjoying 32 slots pre-paid for a year, with 90 days of no dino/item transfers, no shop and no custom drops until 10/20/19! The rest of the cluster will have all the extras with the stats posted below, so come check us out and claim your spot on Valguero and fight for alpha with the rest of us, or check out the other 6 classic maps we have open!

Active admins, 1 owner 2 admins in different time zones with admin logging turned on for your comfort!

 Color events are rotated through all maps  monthly. Meshing is a bannable and methods have been made expensive for good clean Ark fun!

Ingame currency (sloped thatch roofs) found in multiple ways. 1k slopes/500element=$5 in admin shop.

   -Custom drops listed on discord
   -Admin logging ON
   -lvl 300 dinos 
   -lvl 105 character 
   -Xp x15
   -kill/harvest xp x5
   -stack mods
   -Boosted Crafting so bps matter!
   -Reduced crafting costs
   -Player Health x5
   -Player Stam x100 
   -Dino Health x1.5
   -Dino Stam x20
   -Taming x6
   -Wild dino consumption x3
   -Boosted weight
   -No food/water drain
   -20 slots each map/ 32- Rag/Valgureo 
   -6 man tribes 
   -7 day white flag rule for new players.
   -Starter is choice of saddled pt, argy, equus or griffin with a set of ascendant tools. Contact admins on fb page or discord to collect your starter. (No starters on Valguero until 10/20

 Custom boss fights with bps, ingame currency and boosted element drops.

Admin events with prize giveaways:
   -player/dino battle arenas
   -breeding events/contests
   -scavenger hunts
   -Admin raid bases
   -And much more!


Join the server and discord https://discord.gg/q4FQQkn
To see if you like what we have to offer! 

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