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New Aberration Server Player Dedicated

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New Aberration Server Player Dedicated

Hey guys, 


I just launched my first server and am looking for people to fill it with.

Here are the specs.


Max Players - 60

Max Dino Level - 180

Uploading/Downloading Data - Disabled

Tribe Limit - 4

Max Alliances - 0

Max Tamed Dinos - 200

Offline Raid Protection - Enabled

Dino Harvest - 2x

Egg Hatch - 2x

XP Multiplayer - 2x

Player Harvest - 3x

Taming - 2x


Right now there are only two people on the server so if you want a place to play that's not taken over by crazy alphas or admins come join us!





Make sure you save the post or server link or add me through discord or steam.








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