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Important Announcement for PvP PS4 and XBOX P+ Survivors

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Important Announcement for PvP PS4 Survivors

Due to a recent issue with guns causing damage to structures, we are rolling back the Official Server Network at 12:35PM PST to approximately 10:30 AM PST on Thursday 8/8.  With this deployment, transfers will also be re-enabled.

We have taken steps to minimize character loss, but if you experience any issues related to this roll-back, please file a ticket with Customer Service.


Due to roll-back and recent events related to deployment on Aug 8th, we'll be increasing the EVO event rates to 4x for the event on 8/9.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused!

Notice for Primitive+ Survivors:

Also related to the deployment on Thursday 8/8, we had an issue with the Primitive+ build that caused the engrams to not be recognized.  Because of this, we'll need to roll the servers back to 10:30 AM PST on Thursday 8/8.

Additionally, these servers have technical issues which prevent them from being able to be rolled back.  Customer Service is aware and is ready to provide assistance for missing items.

  • NA-PVP-TheIsland-PrimPlusCrossArk3
  • NA-PVP-Aberration-PrimPlusCrossArk5
  • NA-PVP-TheCenter-PrimPlusCrossArk5

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