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You can craft cryofridges in supply crates now

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You can craft cryofridges in supply crates now For all those that dont know you can craft cryo fridges in supply crates now since the last update  

Beacons. Keep in mind there is no mention in the patch notes so who know if that is intended and permanent.

Inb4 "ZOMG WC U ARE MAKE CRATES LAST LONGWR I LOST MEIN ITENS FOR CRYOFRIDGE!! :unneeded rant:"   edit: forgot to add the salty coined phrase: "LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE!!"

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1 hour ago, Klakky said:

Yea but I made the topic with it being in supply crate which confused people that don't know that's what the cave drops are called  hence the clarification, screenshot has nothing to do with it

 My bad, didnt realize you were the OP for a second. Good to know about this since I dont have a replicator on Val and no point on taming and breeding boss rexs since transfers will be open in a few weeks. Now off to tell my tribemates to stop buying them from people and craft their own on Val.

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