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PVE Official Dino Level Cap

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2 minutes ago, UnfairPepi said:

What should I do to my baby then now that it's kinda useless that i can only lvl 24 times lol

Do you reccomend that i kill it

oh its your choice... you can use it to mate with low lvl partner, to try to pass the important stats for you, and then either keep this one, or kill it ye..
if you manage to pass HP STA WEI DMG to a new baby, and OXY FOOD is lower, it might get lower :)

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I was in same situation, some guy gave me 410 baby, I raised him and paired with low levels. It's a proces but worth it.  It's much easier to select stats, from raising from 0. Now I m making baby 370-375 with hp, Stam and meele, and started one more line with only hp and Meele, those one are below 350 so much more room for mutatitions. 

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I just found this out the hard way. My boss rex was level 450 and he got another level. I added the level making him 451. Later when I cryo'd him he would not uncryo. He is now forever stuck in the cryo pod. Oh well, that was a really good dino which I'll miss. Ark has a very harsh learning curve at times. Hopefully others will see this thread before making the same mistake. You would think the devs would simply prevent you from doing this and make level 451 not usable instead of allowing people to corrupt their dinos.

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2 hours ago, SirMerrillfromLndofMN said:

I don't know why wild card just does not make it so that your dino will mot level past level 450. Instead of punishing their loyal fan base for being to good at the game. Insane.

Pretty sure they have already done this tbh. I havent tried it but Ive read around that this is how it works now.

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