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To Ascend And Beyond...

Ok guys, with plenty of time before the new stuff coming out at the end of the year I’m looking for 5-10 Aussie/NZ based players (or players that play during the times we would normally be online) who are looking for a break from the usual pvp stuff.

The idea is to start fresh on the beach as a tribe, then beat the original story through to alpha ascension, perhaps even the other story maps as well if time permits.  I’ve always wanted to finish the story properly and I reckon it would be more fun to do it as part of a group.

Apart from being more enjoyable to be online mostly at the same time as the other players for the majority of our progression, the main reason I’d prefer Aussie based players is that if you can’t handle a bit of swearing and poop-talk on the level you’d hear on a Friday night at the pub, then this might not be the server for you...

If you don't know what "poop-talk on the level you’d hear on a Friday night at the pub" actually is, then this might not be the server for you...

We would be using close to single player/small tribe settings to make it at least a bit of a challenge while still allowing the ability to keep it a little casual. No pressure to play every day but playing as a group would help split the load and give us something to work towards while still having a bit of fun with it.

If you’re thinking “but, but...muh 10x, 20x 100x rates” or "I've already done that, why would I want to do it a second or third time" then, again, this might not be the server for you...

At the beginning I’d like to get most players up and going at the same time, or close to it, rather than having new players join in half way through. To that end the server will be password protected and we'll co-ordinate a start date that will get most of us online at the same time.

If you’re a bit like me and love the challenge and excitement of the original game and storyline, but would love the fun and mateship of trying it as part of a group, then let me know below and I’ll shoot you a link to our discord.

Who knows, if we knock the island over in a reasonable time we might move on to SE, Aberration, Extinction and then the new DLC they’ve got incoming at the end of the year

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