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Glitched melee damage stat

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Glitched melee damage stat

Hi guys!

I use to play Ark on my cousin's PS4. We have a ton of dinos and we never really tamed anything above level 40😂 anyways, our dinos always had fairly normal melee stats. For example: our best Rex had around 430% melee. But suddenly one day all of our dinos had a glitched melee stat. Our Rex had over 1000% melee and was dealing 1300 damage, while it dealt around 420 before. Even our Lystros and Dodos now have over 600% melee. Having tames with high melee damage shouldn't be something to complain about, but it actually really bothers me since even a Pelagornis could now destroy an alpha Carno in a matter of seconds. As long as I know, my cousin entered Valguero for a sec before the glitch happened (we're currently playing on the island and planning to move to Valguero). Could that have something to do with it? Another thing: the "melee damage % per level" setting hasn't been altered since pumping a level into melee adds the exact same amount as it did before.

Thank you in advance!

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