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Ark keeps updating

Started my machine this morning 07/08/19 started updating a 1.2 gig update when done logged in on ark and it keeps on installing 5x mods but never does reboot my machine and same thing happens again installs a 1.2gig update, did a file check completed machine rebooted and still 1.2 gig update and when done ark installs 5x mods left for 4hrs but nothing happens.

Same problem with my wife's machine and a friend of mine.

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The same for me, the game keeps losing my Single Player mod, and keep reinstalling it everytime I run the game, what a VERY ANNOYING BUG, the game itself takes time to start, now this, a very long time delay to start the game, downloading all of the god damn mods, and I only have 20 installed (9.3gb), I'm going to just remove the ones that I never use like survival plus, and maps like shigo island, anzah etc.


How long is this gonna be fixed, I encountered this like maybe 3 or 4 hours ago, I thought it was because Steam got an update just now.

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25 minutes ago, Sten8334 said:

Hey guys,

I know this conversation is old but I'm having an issue on Xbox one. I update ark and it seems to be fine but I come back the next day and it requires another update of the same size. I am not subscribed to any mods so I'm not sure why it does it. Any ideas?

This just happened to me. I’m on Xbox also. I played earlier and it was fine. I just logged on and it notified me of an update, similar size to when it released on Tuesday. 

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