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Electrical Wire should have metal timers


Electrical Wire should have metal timers

It takes metal to make electrical wiring. 

Currently it decays as if it was made out of wood.

Would love to see it have the same decay timers are other metal....it's horribly to have to rip things apart to redo the wiring because a rollback takes away a base being timed in.


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I completely agree!


There May be a bug here too. On two of the servers my tribe plays on, we had electrical decay. Strangely not all of it did, only the ones connected to our cryo fridges. We ended up losing all of our dinos because all of our other electrical was still working so we didn’t notice that half of it decayed.


electrical needs to be metal tier and it is crazy it isn’t. It’s just another reason people may not pod their dinos and we can’t give people reasons not to use pods!


wc please make this adjustment as currently this only hurts people trying to save lag on the servers!

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