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processing completed GENETIC ANALYSIS RECORD 427B28D1


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@Warrior7 I've been running the picture threw outguess for the last hour so so trying as many different keys for the password as I could think of. Most of time it does spit out information like there might be something there but I just don't have the right passcode. Sometimes I just get a core dump error or too long error which just tells me that it was the wrong guess. But like I said most of the time it does give information, it is just all jumbled up still. I feel like if I get the right passcode it will work but I'm probably just wrong and there might not be anything outguess can do here, but it is weird the file downloads as out.jpg

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2 hours ago, LevelUpOxygen said:

With the image being DNA I'd guess they actually want to hint at something. So the first line seems to follow that pattern with 4 colors and the limitation of the 2 pairs possible. 

The second line seems purple-ish. Is that supposed to be corruption (also purple)? Then colors seem to change even more (yellow, ...).

Like @Jonathanasger I see similarities, but more like lines 1 and 4, 2 and 5 as well as 3 and 6. I'm especially looking at the markers under the first 3 groups in line 1/4 and the 7th group in line 3/6.


EDIT 1: Not sure if anyone has noticed yet, but there's "Terminal Command Line" option in the edit profiles section again!



Two things to find out: how to read the strands and how to decipher whatever is coded in there.

Following my similarity interpretation, could we get something if we look at replacements? (like line 2: green has been replaced by pink)


1. Yes, that’s what the picture I posted on the first page was showing. The TERMINAL COMMAND LINE being back on profiles. 

2. I think they need to be properly ordered and connected before we can apply the “hoops” hint to figure out the message. 

2 hours ago, Silvr said:

I'm fairly certain the lines are out of order and need to be in place before it makes much sense to decode.

I agree strongly. 

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23 minutes ago, Warrior7 said:

If you look at the start and end of each line, they match up. If there is a loop theme to it, it's likely per-line.

@jsteel Alright, good to know. I know how to use outguess but the setup is annoying, since it's 32-bit only.

What kind of editing and software would we need to even do that and still be able to visibly read/examine the strands?

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46 minutes ago, Silvr said:

I think that if you also include the color formatting with primary and secondary colors it creates a tube of loops. Just thought. I moved pieces from end units to create whole parts. I'm also thinking the top marks denote a stop or break in each pattern/form.


Another tough ...


The "mutations" are equal on each line except the 5th...

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If I could edit images better i'd do this myself, but my skills are severely lacking.

Best I could do after 20minutes.  I'll explain after photo.

image below is line 1 connected to line 4


the 'Mutations' as some have called them...the little lines coming off each dna.

On DNA line 1 and 4 the mutations are the same...no missing DNA strands

On DNA line 3 and 6 the mutations are the same...line 6 is missing a few DNA strands

On DNA line 2 and 5 they are not exact. but I will try to show the best I can here how they are very similar

this is line 2                                                                                 this is from line 5 flipped and rotated


when you flip and rotate it lines 2 and 5 in that the 'mutations' are in similar positions like the other 2 sets of DNA. except there are some missing strands 

anyone with better editing skills please try that



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