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pvp Freedom pvp Looking For merchanary for hire

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Freedom pvp Looking For merchanary for hire

Hello all I am the admin of Freedom PVPX25 a unoffical Valguero  PS4 server  Recently my server has been in a state of war somewhat and im looking for a loyal mercenary to handle all my dirty work for me since I don't have time to pvp . I will have a list assignments for you daily which might include attacking a tribe or slowing down the alpha tribe lol. I will provide most resources necessary required to complete the job all i ask it that you work anonymous lol. I myself do PVP but i have been busy lately so in my abstinence i need someone to help me out i will be deleting this post in 3 days or so all i need is one player for this job who loves pvp and is good at solo raiding message my psn is Sir_Laffy_Taffy for further details. lol besides i think its good for the server to have a public enemy just realize by taking on this job on my small tribes sever the entire map might be looking for you and you will most likely be hated so be prepared.

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