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Saving you Work

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Saving you Work

I have a question more than anything but if the answer is no I would also like a solution...

I just recently had my game freeze on Xbox one and the game would not let me passed the title screen after restarting.

The only answer I could find to hopefully not lose my year of single player progress was to delete my Microsoft account and redownload it.

After redownloading my account I did get passed the title screen just to find it still erased everything I had built, tamed, bred, you name it.

Needless to say I was not happy. I came to find my character is still there to spawn in, but everything I had accomplished with him was gone...

My question is... Since I want to upgrade to the Xbox one X, will I just lose everything all over again when I reload my account into my new console or will it download with my map data also?

I am truly sick of building everything just how I want it for it to just disappear again and have to start over anyway.

In the beginning during early access and right after release I lost so much progress and had to start over many times.

I finally was able to progress how I wanted to play, going from Island to Scorched to Aberration, etc. Like the story is supposed to be played out.

I don't have time everyday to play, so after a year I finally build my perfect redwood base, tame the dinos I needed for eggs and bosses, Bred all my Rex's to fight the bosses, defeated gamma, beta, alpha Broodmother and Gorilla, and just as I'm preparing for the dragon, the game randomly freezes one day and boom. Have to start over again.

There is no reason my map data shouldn't be saved with my character in my account.

Devs... Please get ahold of Microsoft or whatever you have to do, because it is a big fail on your guy's end if map data on single player is not backed up along with the character... The whole point of this game is to build and gather, and if it doesn't even back that up in your account where you could lose it so easily then there really isn't much incentive to play.

Nobody has ARK hours to put into this game over and over to never make it passed the first level of single player without completely cheating... Please take time to address things like this that should of never been a thing to begin with.

Thank you for your Time.

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