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3 hours ago, manazo2003 said:

I use a rex 😁

And I just go to Extinction & harvest benches/tables/lampposts with a doed - silly amounts of dust/crystal & electronics. For oil all you need is a base on Rag or SE - so many oil veins, and usually unlocked wells.

p.s. you don't need lots of time in game to do this - Came over from legacy, ran notes on Island for about 2 hours to get to lvl 80, meat tamed an argent & went to rag to farm, within 2 days had a small metal base on Extinction, started our man base on Centre & had bases on Island, rag & ab. You just need to be efficient & be prepared to run naked for a few hours on the island to level up.

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Before I got my Dust-Gacha I tamed and bred 2 Tek-Parasaurs, let them fully mature and harvested them with my Thyla. Another method is the Rex-triangle on Scorched Earth with a Thyla, because you get Tek-Rexes pretty often. It is a win-win situation as well because I'm always in for better Rexes and the Thyla-triangle is right besides the Rex's.

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