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Dinos that need a tlc


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Here's The new one i Updated 


Sabertooth: "new Look , able to Sneak to do bonus damage and able to move and jump side to side"

Mammoth: Able to shoot water out, new look , platform saddle , and a herd boost"

 Carno: able to turn around like the Sarco, a Charge, Rage increases his damage but drains a ton of stamina and HP has to be Half and new look"

Carbonemys: new look , able to hide in shell , able to flip on his back and spin like a saw blade but its nearly uncontrollable, and a snapping turtle jaw"

Megaloceros, increases size and new look , male able to kick in the back, gets a outnumbered effect where if there's more creatures that can hurt it i gets stronger, and antlers cause Bleed, Female Increase Carry weight , Able to kick back and causes males to be more aggressive

. Quetzal: "new look, increase stamina the higher you are, adrenaline effect allows it to move much Faster for a lot of stamina

".Pteranodon: "new look ,Able to dive like a owl, able to dive in the water to kill fish, and able to Grapple on walls".

Pelagornis: "able to dive underwater for a short period of time, able to eat fish in the wild, new look and the best organic polly gather in the game"

Bronto: "new look, Fixed feet, neck stands up tall , able to destroy stone (With Heavy Stomp!)  stomp heavy attack , tail wack , Front Bash and able to Stand on its Feet"

. Stego:"new look ,  Able to hold its atack , new look , Bite , a roar to recruit wild Stegos to your side like the yuty, herd boost, alpha gets a stun effect".

Terror bird: armor piercing 10%, new look, Claw scratch , incerces prime meat gathering, pack boost with call".

Titanoboa:" Both Venomous and a constrictor, rideable , Breedable , Able to Grapple on Big dinos and sufficat them and bite for torpor, able to get eggs without Agro".

Spider: "Able to climb walls , Uses webs to reinforce Buildings , Faster speed, Jump, A stamina drain bite, able to shoot webs and weakens effected target and new look".

ANT Queen: remember the Hive? basically that it can hatch Ants and summons them to attack".

Gailli:" increase carry weight, Able to Kick and Knock back enemies and new look". 

 Frog: "auto lock on Bugs and increase damage to all bugs and new look".

Theryzenio: new look

Giga: "Rage can be controlled by trying to claim it down but if it keeps taking damage it will get mad, when it roars is weaken enemies for 1 min with cool down' when done raging it will get a tired effect where Stamina Gets low and torpor rises AND new look"

Diplodocus: "not able to directly but can crack its tail like a wipe, can make even the biggest carnivore run! Decrease Weight on Natural resources and new look".

Patchy: " slight size increases, Causes More torpor, new look, increases Damage resistance and Can break Doors not gates

Wyvern: "able to aim attack like managarmer"

Megalodon:" new look , able to sense weak enemies Like the wolf and a Dash that can cause Bleed"

Pleseo: able to stick its head out of the water, new look , able to turn in a 360 to attack.

Basilo;  "Fix Taming".

Mosa: "New look, Tail attack for the Back".

Angler: "New look and Able in increases and decreases Light and able to scare off eels and jellyfish way",

Jellyfish: "A timer to stun you and your able to swim away".

Scorpion: new look, buttons for claws and Stinger. and able to produce narcoice's per hour

Moth: Able to Produce Silk and is Able to Change Its Gas From Pharmons , to make everything Go berserk , to A Blinding Gas and Even and A fertilized one where it Helps Crops Grow like a Crop Duster

 Monkey: New look , and Has A crafting Skin that can help You when you craft stuff.

Dimetrodon: Acts like A living trough For Babies and Keeps the Area Cool or warm.

Paracer: Able to Back Kick Like A GIANT horse , new look , and Has 25% Armor. And it Can Do a Charge!.

Kapro: New look and Able to Jump High, insead of a lunge.

Anky : New look and Smother animations Same For Doed. and has a GATHER option Like moschops. to gather different resources 

Piranha: Acts like hyena attacks if your weak  and new look.

Baryonyx: able to uses its claws and has A water boost like Spino

Perlova: Able to ride and Berrow Underground Like A basilisk But Not as Good and new look

 Morellatops: Able to upgrade Water storage. new look and able to carry 3 people.

Thorny Dragon: Able to Bite witch is venomous and better at getting wood.

Chailco: New look,

Dillo: Able to pet it like a Hyena( the Dog of Ark).

Dung beetle able to pick up poop

, Bigfoot able to hold tools

, Bats size decrease To ride your shoulder

 Diens running way/ Random passive Flee 

Thylo claw swipe,

Enforcer armor. 

the post is called a Ton of Ideas , Additions , Dinos , Plant species , buildings , ECT

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Theri's fine. Jack of all trades and one of the strongest dino's in the game.

Dodo. Let it be. Serves it's purpose fine. Poops eggs for kibble. No other utility needed.

Gigant. It's fine. Easy enough methods to kill it. Strongest mount in game.


Carno. Model rework. Think it should become a top 3 prime meat harvester. Early game, getting prime meat can be a bit tougher so it gives it a real utility over the Rex. Think it should also have an extended prime meat spoil timer while in inventory. I like the idea of a stun. 

Megalodon. Serious model rework. Needs to be bigger. Could do with a bleed attack or a feeding frenzy attack. 

Feeding frenzy attack- Damage buff scales with hostiles in AOE as well as damage reduction. Capped at 50% output with 10+ dino enemies. 33% damage reduction with 10+ dino enemies. Speed increase as well during frenzy.

Also give it the ability to have a chance to harvest prime fish from basic fish kills (Coel, Salmon, Manta's, Pirhana's).


Think those 2 buffs would give two of the more legendary dino's mid to late game appeal.

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1 hour ago, Kaprosuchus said:

 you should start a suggestion it might be more useful, also remember that the more ideas you put in one post the less likely people will like any single idea.

Also, a little formatting goes a long way.

@Kaprosuchus Thxs for the criticism. any kind is appreciated. but i rather show off every idea i got then spam the suggestion. also i'll fix it up ThX 

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